About Us

Australia’s Leading Aromatherapy Brand

PRO-OILS is one of Australia’s truly experienced aromatherapy companies. We’ve been creating industry leading aromatherapy products for over two decades and we continue to improve our tried and tested products and expand our range. With a dedication to quality in both our products and service, you always get the best from PRO-OILS

We believe in the potential of the natural healing approach ever since our founding in 1992 by Gary Birtles, so we have focused on bringing the finest natural products to Australia in this area.

From our humble beginnings, Gary has kept the family run feel going through the years as we expanded. The family run side of PRO-OILS conforms to everything we do, and it’s one of the reasons our customer service always impresses. Continuing that success post Gary's retirement, new owner & operator Rodney Williams, who brings years of experience to the table.

As an Australian owned and run company, we understand the needs of our Australian customers, whether they’re individuals, practitioners, wholesalers or retailers. This understanding is one of the reasons we’ve been so successful over the last two decades. The positive feedback we receive on our products, service and prices is something that we truly value.

No matter the size of our customers order, we guarantee the highest level of customer support. We consider the excellence of our customer service something all our customers deserve.

So if you’re looking for high quality aromatherapy products, including pure essential oil, essential oil blends, diffusers, massage oil, healing oil, cream/lotion, Spritz, Bees Wax T-Lights, Massage/Beauty apparel or our exclusive Chakra range, simply order online and start enjoying life with PRO-OILS.