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Starter Kit


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10 x 12ml most popular essential oils. 

Bergamot - Commonly used for  refreshing, uplifting, relaxing, restoring and calming

Geranium Rose also known as Rose Geranium - Commonly used for uplifting & stimulating

Frankincense - Commonly used for warming & meditation

Lavender - Commonly used for calming,relaxing, uplifting & refreshing

Lemongrass - Commonly used for uplifting & energising.

Orange - Commonly used for refreshing, relaxing & joy

Patchouli - Commonly used for  warming, grounding, soothing & stimulating

Peppermint - Commonly used for stimulating, cooling & headaches

Rosemary - Commonly used for stimulating, warming, clearing & clarity

Ylang Ylang - Commonly used for cooling, creats a feeling of peace. 

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